The answer key for the New York Times crossword from January 26, 2023, which was created by Dan Ziring and Quiara Vasquez and edited by Will Shortz.

New York Times Across Crossword Clue

Gradually Develop, LiterallyGGRGROGROW (10)
DoozyBEAUT (5)
Gradually Develop, LiterallyFFOFORFORM (10)
Cuba’s _ Castro, Brother Of FidelRAUL (4)
Kind Of Group In ChemistryAMINO (5)
Like Many Indie FilmsARTY (4)
Last Monarch Of The House Of StuartANNE (4)
Barber’s BeltSTROP (5)
Trademarked Coffee HolderKCUP (4)
Sierra _ (Mexican Range, Informally)MADRES (6)
Comicdom’s “Queen Of The Jungle”SHEENA (6)
Things You Might Save While DrivingPRESETS (7)
More Aged, As Some CheesesSHARPER (6)
Aptly Named Mascot Of The 2000 OlympicsSYD (3)
Jean-_ Picard Of “Star Trek”LUC (3)
“Watch It!”HEY (3)
Boom Producer, Once: Abbr.SST (3)
Leaves In The Kitchen?BASIL (5)
Developing Phenomena Literally Depicted Three Times In This PuzzleSNOWBALLEFFECTS (15)
One Way An Animal May Be HeldATBAY (5)
Shakespearean CriesAYS (3)
The “Gateway To The West”OMAHA (5)
ChinwaggingCHATTER (7)
In A BindTRAPPED (7)
Google _, Service Beginning In 2017MEET (4)
Name Hidden In “Oleomargarine”OMAR (4)
Way OffAFAR (4)
Gradually Develop, LiterallySSWSWESWELSWELL (15)
Company Originally Founded As Blue Ribbon SportsNIKE (4)
CommonerPLEB (4)
“Let’s _!”EAT (3)
Is The Real DealHASIT (5)
Kitchen Gadget With An EdgePARER (5)
French SeasonETE (3)
Butterfly, But Not A CaterpillarADULT (5)
Hole MakerSPADE (5)
Norse God Of WarTYR (3)
“Are You Down For This?”WANNA (5)

New York Times Vertical Crossword Clue

Pop-PopGRAMPS (6)
Farm StorehouseGRANARY (7)
Punished For The Weekend, PerhapsGROUNDED (8)
Beer ContainersGROWLERS (8)
One Might Hit A Very Low PitchBASSTUBA (8)
Many An Essential Worker, For ShortEMT (3)
Put OnAIR (3), AIRED(5)
Game In Which The Object Is To Score 500 PointsUNO (3)
High-QualityTOPSHELF (8)
Total PhonyFAKER (5)
Some Surgical ToolsFORCEPS (7)
Enormous Amounts To SpendFORTUNES (8)
“As Far As I’m Concerned …”FORMYPART (9)
Sushi Staple That Isn’t Served RawEEL (3)
Put A Fork In It!HAY (3)
Quantity Contrasted With A Vector, In PhysicsSCALAR (6)
Most Like A WallflowerSHIEST (6)
FoxySLY (3)
Ink HolderSAC (3)
Kind Of Power In MathNTH (3)
Early 2010sOBAMAERA (8)
You Might Make Waves When You Lie About ThisWATERBED (8)
Bunch Of BitsBYTE (4)
Shaving CanfulFOAM (4)
Fried Food Whose Name Translates To “Breaded”EMPANADA (8)
Big Name In Juice PouchesCAPRISUN (8)
All-Time Go-BetweenTHE (3)
CrestfallenSAD (3)
Fabled Visitors To 49-Down, In BriefETS (3)
Southwest City In 1947 NewsROSWELL (7)
Screen DisplayAPPS (4)
KerfuffleFLAP (4)
Opposite Of Dry, To A VintnerSWEET (5)
Evidencing Physical ExertionSWEATY (6)
Suffer In The Summer HeatSWELTER (7)
Spot For FiringKILN (4)
“At Last” Singer JamesETTA (4)
Palindromic Word In Classic PoetryERE (3)
Hem’s PartnerHAW (3)

Clues are put together in the order that they were found. If the answers below don’t work for a particular clue, click on the clue link, and you’ll see all our possible answers. Crossword puzzles in the New York Times are fun and challenging to solve. Along with the answers to today’s puzzles, you’ll also find the answers to puzzles that were published in the New York Times in the past few days or weeks.


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