The answer key for the New York Times crossword from January 28, 2023, which was created by Kevin Christian and edited by Will Shortz.

New York Times Across Crossword Clue

U.S. Holiday Beginning In 2021JUNETEENTH (10)
Jumps OutPOPS (4)
First NPR Reporter Promoted To Correspondent Before Age 30ARISHAPIRO (10)
Cousin Of The Spanish Chirimía Or Italian PifferoOBOE (4)
Bluish-Gray PetMALTESECAT (10)
Waterfall PhenomenonMIST (4)
“Ugh!”BLEH (4)
Up For A Drive?TEED (4)
They Form Lines For Their WorkPOETS (5)
Source Of Manchego CheeseEWE (3)
Something That Isn’t AssumedREALNAME (8)
High DegreeMASTERS (7)
“Out!”GOAWAY (6)
Jump On Board?OLLIE (5)
See 34-DownLACED (5)
Product That May Be Sold By The YardALE (3)
Org. That Has More Members In Africa Than In The MideastOPEC (4)
Weakish HandsPAIRS (5)
WhizzesPROS (4)
Comedian MichaelCHE (3)
Self-Driving Car Company That Started As A Google ProjectWAYMO (5)
“Heaven Forbid!” Crossword ClueGODNO
OccurHAPPEN (6)
What A Laborer’s Hands May Do Over TimeCOARSEN (7)
Horror Movie Franchise Known For Both Its Action And Slapstick HumorEVILDEAD (8)
“What’s The _?”USE (3)
Has, With “On”DINES (5)
Black Or Green Grocery ItemsTEAS (4)
“I Heard You The First Five Times!”OKOK (4)
2018 Literature Nobelist TokarczukOLGA (4)
TV Bar With Frequent Health Code Violations Overlooked By The City’s MayorMOESTAVERN (10)
Move SwiftlyFLIT (4)
Peat SourcesFENS (4)
Slow-Growing OrnamentalDESERTROSE (10)

New York Times Vertical Crossword Clue

One Standing By A DoorJAMB (4)
Orenburg’s RiverURAL (4)
See 5-DownNILE (4)
Concerned With BeautyESTHETIC (8)
With 3-Down, Title Setting Of A 1937 Agatha Christie MysteryTHE (3)
A Time To Dye?EASTER (6)
Sport In Which Masks Are WornEPEE (4)
Improved, As The WeatherNICER (5)
WorkTRADE (5)
Super-PopularREDHOT (6)
One Of The Claremont CollegesPOMONA (6)
Props For Some Plays?OBIEAWARDS (10)
His 2016 Debut Album Unseated “Thriller” For The Most Weeks Spent In The Top 10 On Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Chart (77)POSTMALONE (10)
Walk Like An ElephantPLOD (4)
_ HoursWEE (3)
SenescesAGES (4)
Used For FreeloadingMOOCHEDOFF (10)
“Forever Young” Band, 1984ALPHAVILLE (10)
Still Not Up, SaySLEEPINGIN (10)
Knock DeadSLAY (4)
Hoped-For ResultAIM (3)
Shoe That Can’t Be 32-AcrossCROC (4)
Window _PANE (4)
More Than Skim ThroughPOREOVER (8)
Puts One And One Together?WEDS (4)
BlastGAS (3)
FoldsPLEATS (6)
Disruptive Board MoveOUSTER (6)
Square ThingsATONE (5)
Particulars, SlangilyTHEDEETS (8)
Eponym Of The World’s Largest Tennis StadiumASHE (4)
Game Introduced To The U.S. By Chinese Immigrants In The 19th CenturyKENO (4)
Warcraft MeaniesORCS (4)
Take A _KNEE (4)
Video Game CustomizationMOD (3)
Fore’s CounterpartAFT (3)

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