The answer key for the New York Times crossword from January 30, 2023, which was created by David Steinberg and edited by Will Shortz.

New York Times Across Crossword Clue

Trace Of Smoke Crossword ClueWISP (4)
McEntire Known As “The Queen Of Country” Crossword ClueREBA (4)
Like Aged Cheddar Crossword ClueSHARP (5)
Length X Width, For A Rectangle Crossword ClueAREA (4)
Flooring Installer Crossword ClueTILER (5)
Engaged In Some Risky Behavior Crossword ClueSKATEDONTHINICE (15)
“Eww, I Didn’t Need To Know That” Crossword ClueTMI (3)
Nonnegotiable Salary Limit Crossword ClueHARDCAP (7)
Microphone Jack, For One Crossword ClueAUDIOINPUT (10)
Sit-_ (Some Protests) Crossword ClueINS (3)
“Thar _ Blows!” Crossword ClueSHE (3)
Poetic Contraction That Omits A “V” Crossword ClueOER (3)
Measure Of Time, In Music Crossword ClueBEAT (4)
Alternative To A Station Wagon, In Brief Crossword ClueSUV (3)
Cook For Too Long, Say Crossword ClueBURN (4)
Chunk Floating In The Arctic Ocean Crossword ClueBERG (4)
“I’m Appalled!” Crossword ClueTHISISANOUTRAGE (15)
“Whose _ Is It Anyway?” (Long-Running Improv Show) Crossword ClueLINE (4)
Alphabetically First Group In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Crossword ClueABBA (4)
Curtain Hanger Crossword ClueROD (3)
Watch Over, As A Fire Crossword ClueTEND (4)
Agcy. For Drivers Crossword ClueDMV (3)
Veer Suddenly Crossword ClueZAG (3)
Flaky Fish Crossword ClueCOD (3)
Be Honored Before Burial Crossword ClueLIEINSTATE (10)
Portuguese Or Spanish Crossword ClueIBERIAN (7)
French Word That Sounds Like An English Pronoun Crossword ClueOUI (3)
With 67-Across, In A Sudden And Completely Apparent Way … Or A Punny Description Of This Puzzle’s Circled Letters Crossword ClueRIGHTBETWEENTHE (15)
Enclosures For Shark Watchers Crossword ClueCAGES (5)
The “R” Of I.R.L. Crossword ClueREAL (4)
Messy, Semiliquid Substance Crossword ClueGOOP (4)
Analyze, As Ore Crossword ClueASSAY (5)
Droops Crossword ClueSAGS (4)
See 56-Across Crossword ClueEYES (4)

New York Times Vertical Crossword Clue

“A Good Time _ Had By All” Crossword ClueWAS (3)
Tick Off Crossword ClueIRK (3)
Dolphins’ Home Crossword ClueSEA (3)
LaBelle Known As “The Godmother Of Soul” Crossword CluePATTI (5)
Half-Diameters Crossword ClueRADII (5)
Prefix With System Crossword ClueECO (3)
Jerry’s Partner In Ice Cream Crossword ClueBEN (3)
Bespectacled Cartoon Aardvark Crossword ClueARTHUR (6)
Move Slightly Crossword ClueSTIR (4)
Rear Crossword ClueHIND (4)
Activist Who Co-Founded Black Lives Matter Crossword ClueALICIAGARZA (11)
Disavow Crossword ClueRECANT (6)
Gets Ready Crossword CluePREPS (5)
Genre Sometimes Mixed With Rap Crossword ClueEMO (3)
Word Before Trick Or Tip Crossword ClueHAT (3)
Aide: Abbr. Crossword ClueASST (4)
“That’s Not True!” Crossword ClueUHUH (4)
Appetizers Sprinkled With Paprika Crossword ClueDEVILEDEGGS (11)
“Awkwafina Is _ From Queens” (Comedy Central Series) Crossword ClueNORA (4)
George Eliot Or Mark Twain Crossword CluePENNAME (7)
Letter After Alpha Crossword ClueBETA (4)
Mis-Enter A Passcode, Say Crossword ClueERR (3)
Assemble, As A Book Crossword ClueBIND (4)
_ With Caution Crossword ClueUSE (3)
Fella Crossword ClueBUB (3)
Greed, Gluttony Or Sloth Crossword ClueSIN (3)
“Duh!,” In Modern Slang Crossword ClueOBVI (4)
Source Of Milk For Some Cheeses Crossword ClueGOAT (4)
Relatively Easy Section Of A Jigsaw Puzzle Crossword ClueEDGE (4)
Wolff Who Wrote “This Boy’s Life” Crossword ClueTOBIAS (6)
Certain Restaurants … Or Their Customers Crossword ClueDINERS (6)
About, In Dates Crossword ClueCIRCA (5)
Place To Wear Goggles Crossword ClueLAB (3)
Christmas Carols Crossword ClueNOELS (5)
Take To Court Crossword ClueSUE (3)
Little Bit Of Color Crossword ClueTINGE (5)
Mother Of Zeus Crossword ClueRHEA (4)
_-Bitsy Crossword ClueITSY (4)
Steaming Cupful Crossword ClueTEA (3)
Make Like A Puppy’s Tail Crossword ClueWAG (3)
Smallest Poodle Variety Crossword ClueTOY (3)
Clod-Breaking Tool Crossword ClueHOE (3)
Records With Only A Few Tracks, For Short Crossword Clue

Clues are put together in the order that they were found. If the answers below don’t work for a particular clue, click on the clue link, and you’ll see all our possible answers. Crossword puzzles in the New York Times are fun and challenging to solve. Along with the answers to today’s puzzles, you’ll also find the answers to puzzles that were published in the New York Times in the past few days or weeks.


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