The answer key for the New York Times crossword from February 24, 2023, which was created by Margaret Seikel and Sophia Maymudes and edited by Will Shortz.

New York Times Across Crossword Clue

Cover storyALIBI
How many packages are sentBYAIR
Kings and queens, e.g.PIECES
Something that maybe you shouldn’t holdGRUDGE
Transport in the film “Roman Holiday”MOPED
Something plaitedTRESS
It’s 328 feet in an Olympic-size poolLAP
Gaelic tongueERSE
Smart ___ALEC
What musicians pluck on an mbiraTINE
Trail mix bitNUT
One who collects just for kicks?SNEAKERHEAD
Not completely worthlessUSABLE
Wayne ___MANOR
Sources of psilocybin, informallySHROOMS
Shell filling station?TACOBAR
Nordic noir author LarssonSTIEG
Green cappuccino alternativeMATCHALATTE
Question from a friendly interviewerLOB
Calls someone by the wrong name, sayERRS
Word with snake or fourEYES
One end of Suez?ZEE
___ Hunt, Tom Cruise’s role in “Mission: Impossible”ETHAN
One who makes videos, e.g.CONTENTCREATOR
Country singer JasonALDEAN
Workplace for a roughneckOILRIG
Sweater over a turtleneck, sayLAYER
One side of a ’90s boy band rivalryNSYNC

New York Times Vertical Crossword Clue

“Save Me” singer MannAIMEE
___ climbing (discipline that debuted at the 2020 Olympics)LEAD
Sort of creature symbolizing rebirth in ancient EgyptBEETLE
Emphatic confirmation about oneselfISUREAM
Wireless support providers, at timesBRAS
___ it upYUK
One of two penguin species endemic to AntarcticaADELIE
Lizard with a third eyeIGUANA
Shilled forREPPED
Miley Cyrus or Hannah MontanaPOPSTAR
Some sports V.I.P.sGMS
“Whenever works”NORUSH
Hardly touch, as one’s foodPECKAT
What QR codes might pull upMENUS
Cause of fatigueANEMIA
Contraction, for oneTHROE
Animal identified by its number of toesSLOTH
La ___-Posay (skin-care brand)ROCHE
They’re good for poachingBOSCS
Choose ? or choiceSELECT
One unlikely to make a passBALLHOG
Electrically neutral, in chemistryAPOLAR
One-named singer with the 1997 hit “Show Me Love”ROBYN
Princess Diana or Diana RossGAYICON
Spirit of OaxacaMEZCAL
Space between leaf veinsAREOLA
Metaphor for fitting items into a moving vanTETRIS
Creepy story?ATTIC
Cordelia’s fatherLEAR
Road trip stopoverINN
Take inEARN
Place for a graphic imageTEE
Ron who played TarzanELY

Clues are put together in the order that they were found. If the answers below don’t work for a particular clue, click on the clue link, and you’ll see all our possible answers. Crossword puzzles in the New York Times are fun and challenging to solve. Along with the answers to today’s puzzles, you’ll also find the answers to puzzles that were published in the New York Times in the past few days or weeks.


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