The answer key for the New York Times crossword from February 05, 2023, which was created by Jeremy Newton and edited by Will Shortz.

New York Times Across Crossword Clue

King, queen, etc.CHESSSET
Overly impulsiveRASH
Something in a cocoonSILK
It may produce both a cringe and a laughDARKHUMOR
Acclaimed rock-and-roll biopic of 2022ELVIS
Emerald or aquamarineBERYL
“That cult’s initiation ceremony is brutal!” [1983]THEIRRITESTOUGH
Creator of the games Xybots and KlaxATARI
Bit of memory, for shortMEG
It’s quite the stretchEPOCH
Not stay outside, informallyHEADONIN
Spurred into actionGOADED
Bronzed New York basketball player from Bangkok [1997THAITANKNICK
Prominent features of Sphynx catsEARS
Treaty that was dissolved in 2020NAFTA
Neighbor of a return keyBACKSLASH
___ Stavro Blofeld, enemy of 007ERNST
Therein lies the rubbedSPA
Why the Devil was forced to pay “The Greatest” [1969]HELLOWEDALI
Parks at a pierMOORS
Anise-flavored liqueurPERNOD
Passes (out)METES
Not play by oneself, perhapsDOADUET
Bucatini, ziti and rigatoni, e.g.TUBES
High point of a trip to Europe?ALP
Total breezeSNAP
Do some making upFIB
Cry after remembering to meet at noon [1984]AHMIDDAYYES
Somewhat offODD
English football powerhouse, to fansMANU
Time out in pre-K?NAP
Change for the betterAMEND
Belly, cutesilyTUM
“You didn’t fool me!”IKNEWIT
One way to cross a lakeCANOE
One in the oil business?ARTIST
Actress DavisGEENA
“You there, hoarding the Quattro razor! Scram!” [2002]SCHICKHOGGO
Losing line in tic-tac-toeXOO
Wryly comicalDROLL
Word with pie, pot or portHOLE
Subject of SETI space scansALIENLIFE
Partner of Clark in American historyLEWIS
Stefani who sang the 1996 hit “Don’t Speak”GWEN
Six-foot runners?ANTS
How one cannibal felt after devouring the other [2000]GLADHEATEHER
Like “threads,” for clothingSLANGY
Latest releases, of sortsNEWMUSIC
Neighbor of an EmiratiOMANI
Anxiety condition, for shortOCD
I.T. bigwigADMIN
Some optical illusions created with one’s fingers [1999]THUMBMADETRICKS
Rival of a ‘VetteSTANG
“Socrate” composerSATIE
Auditing a class, maybeSITTINGIN
Part of H.K.HONG
Miffed, with “off”TEED
Compliment to Daisy during a game of fetchGOODGIRL

New York Times Vertical Crossword Clue

Summer hrs. in DallasCDT
“Nice joke!”HAH
Previously, poeticallyERE
Bit of apparel that covers the faceSKIMASK
Turn into confettiSHRED
Big change in price or powerSURGE
Classic record labelEMI
Lug aroundTOTE
Greeting that means, literally, “love”ALOHA
Crime show spinoff, to fansSVU
Skedaddle, with “it”HIGHTAIL
___ Hall, home of the N.C.A.A.’s PiratesSETON
Many a ZoroastrianIRANI
Line at a karaoke barLYRIC
“Hogan’s Heroes” colonelKLINK
Ambassador, in briefREP
Pile of papersSHEAF
Cosmic comeuppanceBADKARMA
Big drinkersSOTS
Pay (up)ANTE
What you get upon reading aloud the answers to the seven italicized cluesOSCARWINNER
“Works for me!”DEAL
Historic builders of rope bridgesINCAS
Recipe qty.TBSP
Syst. of unspoken wordsASL
Diamond shapesRHOMBI
Make an appearanceSHOW
Many a watch display, for shortLED
1983 #1 hit for David BowieLETSDANCE
Work of appreciationODE
Dozes after a dose, sayNODSOUT
Category for which every 30-Down in this puzzle was recognized, aptlySOUNDMIXING
Its loss can cause baldnessTREAD
Didn’t go anywhereIDLED
Filling station brandSTP
“Not good, amigo”NOBUENO
Missions, in briefOPS
“___ OK!”THATS
One who makes callsUMP
Writer RandAYN
Like the death of 19-Across, some claimFAKED
Grammy-winning DiFrancoANI
Out of controlAMOK
Cowboy’s cry of excitementYEEHAW
Aerial threat during the Cold War
Classic Disney film that opens at Flynn’s arcadeTRON
On display, as a paintingWALLHUNG
Feel badAIL
Travel through time?AGE
Easily persuaded sortSOFTY
Things pandas have 20 ofTOES
Chew the fatCHITCHAT
Jubilant cheerOLE
Options for “bee’s knees” cocktailGINS
Alternative to Levi’sLEES
End of a flight, in two sensesLANDING
Serves, with “on”WAITS
Nickname for mom’s momGRAM
Brought aboutLEDTO
“Well, shucks!”AWMAN
Contacting on Twitter, for shortDMING
Journalist in a fieldEMBED
Ball game?LOTTO
Like the smell of burnt rubberACRID
Rapper behind the “King’s Disease” trilogyNAS
“Copy,” to a catIDIG
Great Basin peopleUTE
D.D.E.’s W.W. II battlegroundETO
Sci-fi film staple, for shortCGI
White wine aperitifKIR
Show with a “What’s Up With That?” segment, for shortSNL

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