The answer key for the New York Times crossword from February 12, 2023, which was created by Christina Iverson and Samuel A. Donaldson and edited by Will Shortz.

New York Times Across Crossword Clue

Become hysterical, with “out”WIG
Elided titleMAAM
Restaurant competitor of Pinkberry and Sweet FrogTCBY
Catchy tunes, informallyBOPS
Sigh of lamentAHME
Where dancers have a ball?DISCO
McFlurry mix-inOREO
Furniture giantIKEA
Bad flight forecastSLEET
Hierarchy levelRUNG
Certain U.S. time zoneCENTRAL
Economizing, as represented by the circled squares?CUTTINGCORNERS
“The bad news is ?”IFEAR
WhatsApp transmissions, brieflyIMS
Navy nayNOSIR
Seizes eagerly, as an opportunityLEAPSON
Sean of “Stranger Things”ASTIN
Part of an M.C.’s intro, oftenBIO
Prohibition targetDEMONRUM
Economizing, as represented twice in 12-Down?PINCHINGPENNIES
“The Crown” roleDIANA
Colorful kind of shirtALOHA
Offering from Dr. Mom, in briefTLC
Senior partners?PROMDATES
___ Hill, neighborhood of San FranciscoNOB
Bussing on a bus, for shortPDA
Memorable missionALAMO
“You’ve made your point,” slangilySAYLESS
Lead-in to an opinionASISEEIT
From not so long agoRECENT
Parts of a gigMEGS
Scrapbooker’s projectALBUM
Honesty, resilience or a sense of humor, perhapsASSET
Shield of ancient Greece: Var.EGIS
Manhattan is one: Abbr.ISL
Work that hasn’t yet entered publicationPREPRINT
Little squealerMINIPIG
Fencer’s scoreTOUCH
Hebrew version of the English pronoun “I”ANI
Confidentiality contract, for shortNDA
Welcome eventOPENHOUSE
___ drag (hockey maneuver)TOE
Cellist’s needROSIN
In concertASONE
Economizing, as represented in 58-Down?STRETCHINGABUCK
Unwelcome, so to speakNONGRATA
Vote in favorYEA
Trading placesMARTS
Like some modern mapsGENOMIC
Golfer Palmer, to fansARNIE
A/C meas.BTU
“The Planets” composerHOLST
Economizing, as represented by the shaded squares?MAKINGENDSMEET
Bad-sounding creatures?FOWL
Ditto, in legal footnotesIDEM
Word that means “ocean” in a religious titleDALAI
Large crowdHORDE
It’s cried on a slideWHEE
Classical poemEPODE
Beast with recurved hornsIBEX
Triumphant shout at a crossword tournamentDONE
Like some morning lawnsDEWY
Smokey spot, for shortPSA

New York Times Vertical Crossword Clue

“How ___ Your Mother”IMET
Some garlic prepMINCING
Maker of the Nitro 5 gaming laptopACER
“The year’s at the spring / And day’s at the ___”: Robert BrowningMORN
Yankees manager before GirardiTORRE
Zealous activistCRUSADER
Tranquil disciplineYOGISM
Former name of a Kansas arena that commemorated a 1976 U.S. anniversaryBICENTENNIALCENTER
It helps make a stew a gooOKRA
Poached fruitPEAR
Garnish for una margaritaSAL
Source of many a name on a campus building, informallyALUM
Starts eatingDIGSIN
Poli ___SCI
Reply to the Little Red HenNOTI
Name hidden in “before long”ELON
It makes a red velvet cake redFOODDYE
Cancún cashPESOS
Hamburger’s beef?ACH
Word with pepper or towerBELL
Like some ancient pyramidsINCAN
Acceleration, e.g.RATE
Quelques-___ (some, in French)UNES
Quantity multiplied by acceleration in Newton’s second lawMASS
Pioneer in global aviationPANAM
Words of defeatILOSE
“Don’t sweat it,” informallyNOBIG
Educ. supporterPTA
Once-popular devices discontinued in 2022IPODS
Cousin of a weaselMARTEN
“What’s the ___?” (“‘Sup with that?”)DEALIO
Farmyard cryMAA
Not in a relationshipSSIINNGGLLEE
“The Last O.G.” networkTBS
Vile Nile reptileASP
Foreign leader whom Nixon met in 1972MAO
That’s history!ERA
Kind of knife of infomercial fameGINSU
Like Urdu or HindiINDIC
Was very ripeSTANK
Round figuresSPHERES
Montana city SW of HelenaBUTTE
The main antagonist?PIRATESHIP
[Ugh, this is horrible!]MOAN
___ factoIPSO
Like some highlighter colorsNEON
Plant whose name derives from QuechuaCOCA
Devious snickerHEH
Barely gets the words outSTAMMERS
Pros with deliveries, in briefOBS
Painter Jan van ___EYCK
“Let’s do this!”IMREADY
Civil rights icon ___ Helen BurroughsNANNIE
Power structure?GRID
Shakespeare’s “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” has five of themIAMBS
Beaming, as with joyAGLOW
Liberal arts college in KentuckyBEREA
Locally focused lecture franchiseTEDX
Pac-12 playerUTE
Santa’s favorite Hostess dessert?HOHO
Wilson of filmOWEN
Carded at a bar, informallyIDED
Common spot for a sunburnNAPE
Chain email abbr.FWD
Grammy winner ___ LipaDUA

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