The answer key for the New York Times crossword from February 16, 2023, which was created by Kevin Patterson and edited by Will Shortz.

New York Times Across Crossword Clue

Sound before a toastTING
Grin and bare it!FANG
Dorm V.I.P.sRAS
Spanish term of endearmentMIAMOR
Actor SharifOMAR
Next-generation releases?OVA
Turkish city that lends its name to a species of rabbit, cat and goatANKARA
Dramatic honorOBIE
Start of X-X-XTIC
Cousin ___ (“Succession” character)GREG
Lead-in to careMEDI
Last model in iPod’s product lineTOUCH
Aid in self-defenseMACE
Musical with the song “It’s the Hard-Knock Life”ANNIE
Sound of contentmentAAH
Industry bigwigBARON
Exchange words?EDIT
Female whalesCOWS
Nonbasic characteristicLOWPH
Vehicle with a pedal assist modeEBIKE
Flat, for shortTWOD
Letter-shaped gasketORING
Sketchy stranger, in slangRANDO
Juillet to juillet, e.g.ANNEE
“___ From the Bridge” (Arthur Miller play)AVIEW
___ honorYOUR
Pod producerTIDE
Multihued birdMACAW
It might give you the chillsICE
Singer known as the “Queen of New Age”ENYA
Highway no.RTE
Scepter toppersORBS
Kind of milkOAT
Put onWORE
Like sauvignon blancDRY
Workplaces for some essential workers, in briefERS
Unit of cornEAR

New York Times Vertical Crossword Clue

Accept defeat, in modern parlance ? or a hint to entering five answers in this puzzleTAKETHEL
Common conjunctionNOR
Ones who don’t want to hear that you’re laying down on the job?GRAMMARPOLICE
Easter egg-making supplyFOODCOLORING
Restaurant critic’s concernAMBIENCE
Cry of triumph after a good performanceNAILEDIT
Director GerwigGRETA
Word that retains its meaning when its third letter is removedROTUND
“Levels” D.J., 2011AVICII
Scented pouchSACHET
Underground rock?MAGMA
Bit of progressINROAD
Event first observed in 1970EARTHDAY
A daredevil may hit the slopes with itONESKI
Band with the 1982 hit “I Want Candy”BOWWOWWOW
Joint stockholders?POTDEALERS
Certain woodwind requirementOBOEREED
Certain money transactionWIRE
Henry Ford or Nikola TeslaENGINEER
Emphatic affirmativeGODYES
Cannon loaderRAMROD
Blockbuster of 2009AVATAR
Hot towel before a meal, sayNICETY
Snap, crackle and popNOISES
Alternative to wind or solarNUCLEAR
Lights upBEAMS
Brilliant fishTETRA
Sturgeon delicacyROE
[It’s f-f-freezing!]BRR
Seek damages fromSUE

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