The answer key for the New York Times crossword from February 21, 2023, which was created by Daniel Raymon and edited by Will Shortz.

New York Times Across Crossword Clue

Like plans and eggsLAID
High-five, e.g.SLAP
With 68-Across, ulterior motive ? or what 21-, 37- and 59-Across each has?HIDDEN
Start of a conclusionERGO
Rose or Rozelle of sportsPETE
Get situatedORIENT
Bring inEARN
Bestows, in the BibleGIVETH
New York City-born ice cream brand with a Danish-sounding nameHAAGENDAZS
A scarf might cover itNAPE
Group of nineENNEAD
Frank who directed “It’s a Wonderful Life”CAPRA
Long-running sketch show, in briefSNL
Fab Four drummerSTARR
The Wizard of ___ Park (Thomas Edison)MENLO
Word before angle or awakeWIDE
Next-to-last Greek letterPSI
“The Bourne Identity” org.CIA
Home to the Taj MahalAGRA
1970s auto that shares part of its name with one of Santa’s reindeerVOLKSWAGENDASHER
The “E” in the mnemonic HOMESERIE
“Well, well, well!”OHO
Airport screening grp.TSA
Wambach in the National Soccer Hall of FameABBY
Bowling alley featuresLANES
Word often confused with “lay”LIE
Macho sortsHEMEN
Perfume ingredientKETONE
ZZ Top, for oneTRIO
Name for the star on Israel’s flagMAGENDAVID
Sparkly headpiecesTIARAS
Certain inebriateWINO
Apian abodeHIVE
“Do it again!”ENCORE
“Will do!”ONIT
Dell competitorACER
See 9-AcrossAGENDA
Certain bulbs, in briefLEDS
Loch ___NESS

New York Times Vertical Crossword Clue

Tres ___ cakeLECHES
Lizard with a crestIGUANA
Jackie Robinson, for oneDODGER
Go on a shopping spreeSPEND
The faintest amountATRACE
“The Pirates of ___” (Gilbert and Sullivan operetta)PENZANCE
Motorcycle, in slangHOG
Olympic skater SlutskayaIRINA
High-maintenance headlinerDIVA
Dramatic exhalationDEEPSIGH
Double ___ (variety of pun)ENTENDRE
Math degree?NTH
Wyatt and Virgil of the Wild WestEARPS
First-aid equipmentSPLINTS
Lines on a mapROADS
Kind of jetLEAR
Sports star inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 2021MIAHAMM
Third word in many limericksWAS
Very muscular, in slangSWOLE
Wiener schnitzel meatVEAL
Circling, as a satelliteORBITING
Subject of HBO’s 2013 biopic “Behind the Candelabra”LIBERACE
Anthem lyricist with a musical nameKEY
Sounded satisfied, sayAAHED
Something that can roar or purrENGINE
Salt Lake City residentUTAHAN
Passover repastsSEDERS
Amass a massHOARD
Sailor’s speedKNOTS
___ Lady (nickname for Margaret Thatcher or the Eiffel Tower)IRON
Camelot ladyENID
Sri Lankan specialtyTEA
The moon’s ___ of TranquillitySEA

Clues are put together in the order that they were found. If the answers below don’t work for a particular clue, click on the clue link, and you’ll see all our possible answers. Crossword puzzles in the New York Times are fun and challenging to solve. Along with the answers to today’s puzzles, you’ll also find the answers to puzzles that were published in the New York Times in the past few days or weeks.


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