The answer key for the New York Times crossword from February 2, 2023, which was created by Elise Corbin and edited by Will Shortz.

New York Times Across Crossword Clue

Pit-Of-The-Stomach FeelingDREAD (5)
Fastidious To A FaultANAL (4)
Wedding WalkwaysAISLES (6)
Literary Heroine Jane EYRE (4)
Entertainment District In London’s West EndSOHO (4)
Watts Of “Mulholland Drive”NAOMI(5)
Seat On A ShipDECKCHAIR (9)
Robust BrewSTOUT (5)
Get Through ToREACH (5)
Pool Of MoneyKITTY (5)
Start To Scream Or Shout?ESS (3)
Sing Like Tom WaitsRASP (4)
PhrasedWORDED (6)
“The Missing Link”APEMAN (6)
Word With Raising Or SplittingHAIR (4)
Commercial Lead-In To CleanOXI (3)
DomesticatedAGRA (4)
Fit Of Wild EmotionHYSTERICS (9)
Natalie Wood’s Role In 1961’S “West Side Story”MARIA (5)
Foundation Crossword ClueBASIS (5)
Capitol Hill StaffersAIDES (5)
Bet The Family Farm, So To SpeakWENTALLIN (9)
Instrument Found In A Post Office Or GrocerySCALE (5)
Reddit Q&AAMA (3)
Major Provider Of Scholarships, In BriefROTC (4)
Look Through A Window, SayPEERIN (6)
Like Bananas And Banana SlugsYELLOW (6)
Orangish-Brown GemSARD (4)
Otolaryngologist, FamiliarlyENT (3)
Make Fun OfTAUNT (5)
Error’s CounterpartTRIAL (5)
Components Of A RosaryBEADS (5)
More Often Than NotINGENERAL (9)
More Than EnoughAMPLE (5)
We: Fr.NOUS (4)
Big Ten SchoolIOWA (4)
Holiday Dependent On The Lunisolar CalendarEASTER (6)
[Ignore That Edit]STET (4)
Train TracksRAILS (5)

New York Times Vertical Crossword Clue

With 2-Down, Money-Saving Flight Option, Often Crossword ClueRED (3)
See 1-DownEYE (3)
Certain Line SegmentARC (3)
Hockey FeintDEKE (4)
Receptacle Near A FirepitASHCAN (6)
_ ArkNOAHS (5)
Offering On A Sushi MenuAHI (3)
Mayor Lightfoot Of ChicagoLORI (4)
Yet To ComeINSTORE (7)
Mythological Being With A Horse’s TailSATYR (5)
Facilities In EnglandLOO (3)
Prey For A DingoEMU (3)
Command That Might Precede “Shake!”SIT (3)
One Might Have The Disclaimer “Professional Driver On Closed Course. Do Not Attempt.” CARAD (5)
DipsticksTWITS (5)
ErodeEATAWAY (7)
“Stop! I’ve Heard Quite Enough!”SPAREME (7)
FormativeSEMINAL (7)
Science That Deals With The Phenomenon Spelled Out By 10 Missing Letters In This PuzzlePHYSICS (7)
“Is It Worth The Risk?”DOIDARE (7)
Do Great AtEXCELIN (7)
_ Collar (Iconic Ruth Bader Ginsburg Neckwear At The Smithsonian)DISSENT (7)
Part Of A Coconut That Can Be ShreddedMEAT (4)
Clarification Words For A SpellerASIN (4)
“Freeze!”HALT (4)
Along With Lentils, One Of The Two Main Ingredients In IdliRICE (4)
Exposed, As A CoverBLOWN (5)
One Giving A Wake-Up CallAROUSER (7)
Hyundai Sonata, For OneSEDAN (3)
Certain EcclesiasticPRIEST (6)
Punch Bowl Go-WithLADLE (5)
QuibbleARGUE (5)
Some Antique CollectiblesTINS (4)
Princess Whose Brother Is Not A PrinceLEIA (4)
Meadow CallBAA (3)
Ambulance LettersEMS (3)
Well-SuitedAPT (3)
“Kidding!”NOT (3)
Father Of Une PrincesseROI (3)
Saddler’s ToolAWL (3)
_ AméricasLAS (3)

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