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Summary of Alice in Borderland Malayalam Subtitle

Arisu is a guy who does not have a lot of money or good luck. As of right now, he does not have a job either. One day, out of the blue, a blinding light enfolds him. In the aftermath of this event, the city of Tokyo has lost all of its people with the exception of Arisu and two of his pals. They have no choice but to take part in this perilous and perhaps lethal game of survival that has been thrust upon them.


  • Daniel Jeff

    I am Daniel. I write, make movies, and like to use social media. I am all about being creative and trying new things. My biggest dream is to encourage others to take a chance on themselves and go after what they love. I dream of writing full-time and making my own TV show one day. I want to be a filmmaker, and I've made two web series.

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